Telstra’s down a CFO, according to Tesla

Telstra’s down a CFO, according to Tesla

Well how about that. As the nation’s eyes fixed on New South Wales, where a certain potential premier wasn’t so potential any more, a momentous change was heralded at Telstra.

And how fitting that the whole thing was publicly announced, first, in the United States, and by Tesla, Elon Musk’s electric car company, which thanks to the SEC is in need of a new chairman.

Robyn Denholm, Tesla announced, would fill that role. Which meant she would step down from her CFO role at Telstra. Full articles were being published in the US financial press before Telstra so much as put out a release (at least the ASX had already closed). 

We’ve often pondered how on earth Denholm can both chair Tesla’s audit committee, for which she was already very well remunerated, as well as execute her demanding role at Telstra. Guess that’s not an issue any more.

Though, only last month, a Telstra spokesman told Fairfax Media that Denholm had ruled herself out of the running for the Tesla chairmanship role. So much for that … 


At least this is good news for the other oft-named CEO aspirant at Telstra, ex-SBS chief Michael Ebeid. As for current CEO Andy Penn, who seemed enamoured enough with Denholm’s Tesla role to lead on it when introducing her internally, this doesn’t help.

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